Course image European Common Technical Semester for Defence and Security
Faculty of Mechatronics, Armament and Aerospace

he idea of the project was born in the frame of European Initiative for the Exchange of Young Officers Inspired by Erasmus (EMILYO or Military Erasmus), an initiative undertaken by the European Union member states aimed at developing the exchanges between armed forces of future military officers as well as their teachers and instructors during their initial education and training. One of the Lines of Developments of the EMILYO is dedicated to the International Technical Semester (LoD-13), officially started in 2019 and having as objectives the development of a common international semester for the future engineers acting in the field of defence and security systems.

The main issues identified are the lack of offers with classes taught in English for military students in the engineering branches. From that reason for students coming from military technical academies or from technical faculties of the military academies is very difficult to find options to improve their competencies and to have international experiences in a fully recognized context. Sometimes, they can take part in international semester organized in civilian universities, but without military components, or to take part in internships for preparing their final project diploma.

The project will contribute to increase the number of the military students with international experiences and intends to fill a gap in the field of the international relations related to the defence and security higher technical education institutions, by preparing an international technical semester for military students with technical background, but also accessible to civilian students interested in formation in defence and security technical systems. The other priorities identified is to mitigate the lack of a network of teachers with competencies in technical systems for defence and security and of a common digital platform useful to collaborate in order to prepare classes and to teach, and also to us new digital technologies tools to improve the quality of the teaching activities and of the scientific research activities.